What is it about Sell Motorbike that makes us the first-choice option when you want to sell your bike?If you are still not sure that we are the company for you, here is some more information about why exactly you should sell your bike with Sell Motorbike.

We buy any bike. Yes, literally, we buy any bike. It can be any make, from a BSA to a BMW, from an NSU to a Norton. It doesn’t matter which model of motorcycle you have, from a Honda C90 to a CBX, and it can be any age or value, from vintage to nearly new. We will provide you with a valuation, letting you make the wise choice and sell your bike with Sell Motorbike.

How it works

Step 1

Enter Your Bike's Reg

Step 2

Enter Some details and we make you an offer

Step 3

Accept Offer and we pick your bike from location suitable to you

Customer Reviews

Super smooth and efficient service throughout!

I was really pleased with the ease of using this service. Everything from the initial form to the polite nature of the whole team made it a simple and positive process for me to sell my bike.

Does what it says

No hesitation in recommending this service. Eric turned up to collect right on time and was polite and helpful the whole time. I never felt rushed or hassled and would certainly use these guys again.

Good Service

Sell Motorbike did not disappoint. The claims they make on the website are effectively applied to the service they provide. The initial form was easy and speedy to complete and the whole process was indeed very quick. I was happy at every stage, from the offer through to the collection service. If I ever sell another bike I will be sure to use them again.


Free Collection Nationwide

Yes that’s right, based on an agreed valuation we will come to you and collect your motorbike from your door. That means a fast, hassle-free, reliable, professional service, and best of all, we will come to you anywhere in the UK. Keep it simple, sell your bike with Sell Motorbike.

We are Polite, Friendly and Professional

We believe in customer service and understand that all customers deserve to be treated with respect. Our objective is to provide a service which meets all of your needs as perfectly as possible. Our end-to-end process, from filling in the online form, through agreeing a valuation, to the actual collection, is all designed around your needs.


Sell Motorbike is an independent company

We are not part of a corporate group and hence we can maintain high professional standards based on:

• The ability to provide a bespoke service based on your requirements and to suit your timescale and needs.

• Access to the latest market information and databases updated to the minute, allowing us to place a realistic and fair value on your motorbike.

• Over 30 years professional experience and expertise in the motor industry so we can look deeper than pure statistics when we value bikes.

• Same day fast track service– as we always have the funds available, we can often complete a deal and complete the collection of your motorcycle (from anywhere in the whole of the UK mainland) on the day that you contact us.

Personal Service

We value your custom and as such we have structured our business to provide you with an exemplary service. You will deal entirely with real people – no impersonal call centres or computer programmes; we will guide and support you through the entire process, from first contact through completion of all relevant documents, to agreeing a valuation and paying for and collecting your motorbike. Sellmotorbike.co.uk is different from most motorcycle dealers; our abiding concern is to always be courteous, friendly and professional, and we've long prided ourselves on providing outstanding customer service.

At Sell Motorbike we are in tune with the world of bikes and their owners. We realise that selling your motorcycle can be a delicate and sometimes emotional process. Motorcycle owners are often very fond of their bikes and in some cases the bikes are being sold reluctantly. Our track record of success in selling bikes over many years demonstrates our focus on customer service.

What is the Key to Our Successful Business?

1. We provide a tailor made service, specific to you and your bike, we never forget that you are our customer, and that without you we have no business!

2. Our system is incredibly easy to use and only takes a minute of your time.

3. Excellent customer relations is key to our business and our successful reputation.


How do we prepare our valuations?

When we generate a valuation for a motorcycle we use a combination of sources for our research. In addition to valid and up to date data on the motorbike market we are also able to draw upon many years of motor industry experience. This industry involvement has provided us not only with a wealth of experience regarding motorcycle values but also the ability to call upon a vast network of industry contacts to validate our valuations.


What happens if there is an issue with the valuation when the motorcycle is inspected?

If there is a discrepancy over a valuation, for example if an issue comes to light when the motorbike is inspected, then the member of our team in attendance will discuss the matter with you and will advise on the impact the issue has had on the valuation. Only if the new valuation is agreed by both sides will the transaction take place and the collection of the motorbike be completed.


What if a dealer valuation is higher than yours?

It may happen that a dealer might offer a higher valuation against your motorbike than we do. In this situation please give us the chance to match their valuation – if we can we will. Please also bear in mind that when taking a motorcycle in part exchange dealers can often offer inflated valuations by offsetting some of their margin on the sale of the other motorcycle. Try to always compare valuations like for like by considering what the real value is in any given situation.